In 2006 RAD developed a Contract Management System (HIMS) for the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority based on the Oracle platform. 

With its integration to SAP and the GIS system, HIMS has gained widespread use all over NSW and is now used by 9 Catchments around the state in over 30 regionally dispersed offices.

The system continues to be enhanced and underwent a name change in 2008 to CIMS (Catchment Information Management System).

Below are links to publicly available documentation on the use of CIMS by the Catchments: 

  1. Hawkesbury-Nepean Strategic and Catchment Planning (p68)
  2. Hawkesbury-Nepean Monitoring and Evaluation (p160)
  3. Hawkesbury-Nepean Natural Resources Commission Audit (p31)
  4. Extension Farming Systems Journal - Accountability in Action (p64)
  5. University of New England - Improving economic accountability of investment decisions under community based environmental governance (p217)
  6. 15th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference 2011 (p201)
  7. Natural Resources Commission - A Review of the Standard for Natural Resource Management by Four Catchment Management Authorities (p6)